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Our Products

Offering a wide variety of breading and batter solutions for your specific cooking needs


lily1.gifLily River Breading offers a thin light breading coating combined with a mild blend of seasonings. Lily River was created and seasoned for fish but customers love it on all types of seafood and vegetables. We recommend Lily River for panfish and thinner fish fillets. Fast and easy preparation, just rinse food with water and shake off excess moisture, Coat evenly with Lily River Breading and fry at 350 degrees. 


grandmas2.gifGrandma's Homestyle Breading offers a thin light breading base blended with an exciting array of spices that provides a little zing to your breading coating. Great for all seafoods, poultry, pork and meats. Easy and fast to use with a single step preparation process. No milk or eggs needed! We recommend Grandma's Homestyle for Cod, Haddock, Walleye, Pike, Bass, Catfish, and thicker fish fillets. Customers tell us it is great on venison, pork, turkey and chicken.


unclemikes1.gifUncle Mike's Breading is a multi-use breading made with a blend of fine and medium ground cracker crumbs combined with flours and seasoned with a mild array of spices and a dash of buttermilk. Uncle Mike's provides a thicker breading coating and tends to be a little saltier for those would want a little more crunch and kick to their breading coating. Single step coating process makes it fast and easy to use. For use on all types of seafood, chicken and pork.


poultry2.gifAll Purpose Poultry Breading, we call it poultry breading because it was made specifically for restaurants that wanted to offer chicken on their menus but found it fantastic on all varieties of poultry including duck, turkey, wild game birds, etc. A blend of flours seasoned with spices specific to poultry.


panfish1.gifPanfish Breading is made specifically for smaller fish and thinner fillets where a thin light breading coating is warranted. A mild blend of spices adds excitement to the recipe. This light breading coating minimizes oil retention and truly compliments the great flavor of the fish being prepared.


beerbatter1.gifBeer Batter, offers an old fashioned batter recipe for use in all type of food preparations where the flexibility of a batter is needed. Try a variety of flavor enhancing liquids such as beer, buttermilk, soda, hot sauces, vanilla, etc. to make a unique batter for the specific food you are preparing.


cajun1.gifCajun Breading is a Louisiana favorite made with base ingredients of fine and coarse ground corn meal. Cajun provides a crunchy and slightly sweet breading coating which is seasoned perfectly to offer the exciting burst of Cajun flavor for your favorite entree's or appetizers. We recommend using it as a seasoning for Mexican dishes and other Cajun food preparations because of the unique pepper blend in the recipe.


panko.gif Panko Breadcrumbs are a lightly colored medium ground Japanese Style breadcrumb of superior quality. Use in preparations where you need a crisp and crunchy coating to compliment and highlight the food being prepared. Our Panko Breadcrumbs perform best when you secure the Panko topcoat with a milk/egg wash or our Lily River Pre-dip batter. Panko Breadcrumbs make an excellent topping for baked dishes. Try it on your next green bean casserole or mac n' cheese dish. 


seasonedcracker.gifSeasoned Cracker Crumbs provides a simple all purpose unsalted cracker crumb coating which is mildly seasoned and highlighted with a slight citrus enhancement. Recommended for seafood fillets, chicken strips and pork cutlets. Can be used as a single step coating or with a Pre-dip for added crunch and flavor.


tenders1.gifTenders Breading is a breading made specifically for chicken strips and pork cutlets. A cracker meal based crunchy coating mildly seasoned and enhanced with the flavors of buttermilk and vanilla to compliment your food and provides a unique flavor experience. Tenders breading offers a thicker breading coating guaranteed to seal in flavor and keep your food preparation moist and delicious.


predip1.gifPre-Dip Batter is an easy to use, pre-dip replacement for egg and milk wash preparations that provides superior adhesion with neutral flavoring. Minimize breading "blow-off" for top coat applications on all high moisture foods. Pre-dip Batter allows the flexibility to use any kind of top coat to your cooking process. Recommended for all seafood, vegetables, poultry and meats. 


goldensun1.gifGolden Sun is an all purpose batter mix that can be used as a single step breading, batter or topcoat where a slightly sweet food coating will compliment and enhance the food preparation. Recommended for vegetables and cheese.



fridaysbreading1.gifFriday's Breading offers a crisp and crunchy seafood coating just like the best Midwest restaurants would offer on their Friday night fish fries. Cornmeal based and modestly seasoned this is the perfect breading for fish fillets of all sizes. Single step coating process makes preparation fast and easy with cleanup a breeze.









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